Hello Kitty, What?!

A little nostalgia for us girls (or guys) who absolutely loved Hello Kitty as a child, oh the memories! Whether it was t-shirts, teddies, bedding, curtains or toys, we had it in every shape or form. However, things have become a lot better as our beloved cat is making a come back. Thanks to Sanrio, a line of Hello Kitty Italian vinos are here to share Christmas with you. How very grown up!

All things Rosé

Sanrio has announced that they're releasing Hello Kitty Sweet Pink wine, Pinot Noir, Pinot Nero Vinified in White and a special edition Sparkling Rosé. Pass me the wine glass! You're spoilt for choice when it comes to these beverages as Hello Kitty is treating you to a selection of two sparkling pretty pink drinks.

One is sparkling rosé which is dry, refreshing with a hint of floral scent and spice. This comes in two bottles, one which is black and the special edition which is hot pink and has a confetti-like foil wrapper. Ooh, fancy! The second is called Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine and seems to be the ultimate favourite. This comes in a smaller clear bottle and displays its gentle rose colour. The bottle is definitely picture-worthy as it features a heart at the bottom of the neck and the flavour has been described as semi-sweet with floral aromatics, notes of toasted almonds, strawberry preserves and nougat. Damn, girl (I haven't been this excited since I got a life-sized Hello Kitty teddy for Christmas!). Millennial pink, we adore you. 

 Diamanté Encrusted 

Now, if you don't pull up to the party with a bottle of this pop, then you're uninvited. Everyone needs a Hello Kitty rosé girly date with some red velvet Gookie Dough, I mean, what's not to love?! Top sleepover goals for adults, yeah? Just don't forget your PJ's. Just to hint at you, the expensive special edition bottle is a reflective fuchsia colour and a diamond encrusted bottle top which will undoubtedly steal your girl's heart this season. 

The bottles range in price from $24.50 (£18) to $29.95 (£22.40) per bottle and are currently only available from Amazon if you want to ship to the UK. I'm extremely jealous of you US people! But who is satisfied with just one bottle? You can purchase the whole collection for $147.30 (£110). Money well spent in my opinion!

What are your thoughts on Hello Kitty wine? Let us know in the comments below!