Food Facts That You Won't Believe

We've reached adulthood which means these are the hidden food facts that you can handle now you're emotionally stable (kinda?). The secrets are officially out so prepare for a shocker. 

Kit Kats 

Did you know that Kit Kats are actually made with broken Kit Kats? What?! Kit Kats that damaged during production are crunched up into a paste and given a second life. This is the yummy goodness that you find right in the middle of the beloved bar. 

Pepsi vs Coke 

The war will forever continue between Pepsi and Coke, you're either on one or the other's side, there's no in between. However, did you know that the difference in taste comes down to one ingredient? Pepsi is citrusy whereas Coke isn't.  This means that Pepsi has citric acid, but Coke doesn't. Weird, right? 

Butter dishes shouldn't exist 

Your Grandma probably had a butter dish on her kitchen counter, and it was the best butter you'd ever tasted. However, science says that butter should always be put into the fridge and not left at room temperature. This is because there is a risk of it turning into an unusual or unpleasant flavour. So that's why Grandma's butter always tasted different!  

Parmesan cheese isn't vegetarian 

We've been lied to our whole lives. Apparently, our favourite cheese is created using calf rennet; this is an enzyme which is used in the process of turning milk into cheese. This is found the lining of the calves' stomach. Gross. 

Bell Peppers 

So when it comes to bell peppers we have a variety of colours. Whether this is green, yellow, orange or red. It's almost like a rainbow of goodness. Did you know that they're all exactly the same pepper but at different stages of development? So, green peppers will ripen into yellow and orange peppers which will then become red peppers. Is this some kind of magic? We almost feel stupid for not knowing! 

Do you want to know another fact? Well, here at Gookie Dough, we don't have any secrets and the only difference between our cookie dough is the different flavours or chocolate chips! I think we need a tub of funfetti just to calm us down after this revelation.