Is Gookie Dough Safe To Consume Raw

It seems to confuse our customers sometimes that our product sounds too good to be true! Edible cookie dough? No way! It must contain eggs or something that causes salmonella. Well, maybe we're a game changer and slightly revolutionary. Not that we like to blow our own trumpet or anything! 


So yes, Gookie Dough is 100% safe to consume raw so you can enjoy eating as much cookie dough as physically possible until you've pretty much turned into a unicorn from all of the sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Due to the fact that no eggs are added in our product means that we're super egg free and you can eat when pregnant. I mean, that's a very lucky baby indeed because who wouldn't want their first ever dessert to be a fudgy red velvet delight? 

Can it be baked?  

We've made a discovery which means you can bake any of your monster tubs of deliciousness. Unbaked is our aim, but you know what? Get experimental. Pop your dough into little balls and pop them in a fan assisted oven at 180degrees for 12 minutes. The result? Crispy on the outside and gorgeously gooey on the inside. The most astonishing part? Gookie Dough contains no raising-agents so abracadabra! 

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