How To Make Gookie Dough Milkshakes

The best drink in the world has to be milkshakes. So are you ready to make your own Gookie Dough milkshake from the comfort of your own home? You'll be in chocolate chip, gooey bliss. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a party, birthday, sleepover or just having some me time. Perfect with a freshly baked cookie or extra ice cream!

You will need: 

1.25 cups of milk 

4 cups of vanilla ice cream 

1 cup of Gookie Dough (or however much you want, duh)

Step 1

Simply pop some Gookie Dough on a rim of a glass and pop some extra chocolate chips in the dough. Place these in the freezer for about 10 minutes to make it secure. 

Step 2 

In a blender, blend milk, ice cream, your Gookie Dough (red velvet, chocolate fudge, funfetti or original? The hardest decision in the world! We used original) and get mixing. Feel free to add any extras or make it super creamy and calorific with cream. 

Step 3 

Pour the milkshake mixture into each glass, top with an extra spoonful of Gookie Dough, add cream and then stick a baked cookie on top with a cute straw. Dessert done.

TOP TIP: using red velvet Gookie Dough is ideal for a girly party because it will be super-duper pink. 

That's right, a three-step recipe that seriously takes it to the next level. There's nothing better than a sweet vanilla ice cream combined with cookie dough chunks and delightful whipped cream which makes the tastebuds scream in delight. I think the pictures say it all. Happy Tuesday!