Food Myths You Were Told As A Child

We were all encouraged to eat our food as a kid (and now we get encouraged to stop eating it!). Some of us were most likely the fussiest of eaters and weren't about the vegetable life. Our parents had to do something to ensure we ate, the best option? Lying. Here are a few food myths you were told, explained. 

(Image credit: The Urban List) 

Carrots will help you see in the dark

It all seems a bit random but surprisingly, we did believe it at one point. During World War 2, propaganda stated that the RAF were successfully shooting planes because they were eating carrots. The reality? The RAF had introduced radar technologies to their planes which helped them. However, the propaganda was so persuasive that the consumption of carrots rose dramatically.  In fact, carrots do contain beta-carotene and vitamin A which reduces cataracts and macular degeneration. Keep munching away, you rabbits (but still go to the opticians regularly)! 

Drinking milk makes your bones big and strong

Milk obviously contains calcium and strengthens bones are teeth. However, milk contains sugar and is associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, bone loss and muscle loss which seems to be a bit of a contradiction. It is possible, as an adult, to consume too much milk which is why it's important to limit yourself to about one glass per day at the most. Calcium comes from leafy green vegetables and salmon too! 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 

As a kid, I hated breakfast and just wanted to go back to sleep! It was essential to get that cereal down your neck no matter what, but why? Well, breakfast is important for overall health and those who eat breakfast are more likely to be at a healthy weight compared to those who skip it. Does that mean as long as you eat Gookie Dough for breakfast, everything will be a-okay? Maybe! As long as your breakfast is well balanced and full of fibre, you're good to go. 

 Eat until you've cleaned your plate

Sometimes, this was impossible and you'd have to put up with your Mum giving you the face of disappointment. However, this habit can lead to overeating. Parents mainly strive for you to eat all of your 'trees' but when you use a clean plate to signal no more eating, it can be harmful. For example, it can lead to continuous overeating which leads to weight gain. 

Technically, our parents were hypocrites for lying to us. What myths were you told as a child? Let us know in the comments below!