Upcycling Gookie Dough Pots | Bathroom Edition

Today, we continue the series of upcycling your Gookie Dough pots. With the current plastic crisis, here at Gookie Dough, we want you to enjoy our delicious product but then make the most of the packaging. In the past, we've shown you ways to sass up your storage with desk tidies and how to store your beauty products. This time, we're recycling all things bathroom.

The ultimate makeup remover 

You've most likely got a stash of cotton wool pads shoved somewhere in your bathroom cupboard. Makeup remover is essential, so instead of sticking to wipes or ruining all of your white towels, this will save your life! Grab your Gookie Dough tub and wash it out properly so it's clean. Insert your cotton pads inside until it's full to the top. Pour some makeup remover over your pads (be generous). Pop the lid on and then leave to soak. Now every time it's shower time, you can just grab your makeup remover-infused cotton pads. Easy! 

Bathroom travel 

If you're going travelling and have awkward sized bottles which won't fit in your luggage then say no more. We all know that the miniature travel bottles are way too small, especially when you've got crazy thick hair! Take your clean Gookie Dough tub and pour your shampoo, conditioner or shower gel into it until you have the amount you need. Secure with the lid. Now you have a compact size, perfect for travel with no leaks or broken caps!

Bath salts


Bath salts occasionally come in flimsy packets that don't reseal and spill everywhere. It's time to ditch the packet and go hardcore. Pour your bath salts into your Gookie Dough tub and secure with the lid. Pop on the bathroom shelf leak-free and fresh for your bubbles later on!

Razor safety 


Our razors are awkward to store once they've been used. Prone to rust and dangerous if your home has little ones, there should be a solution. Take your Gookie Dough pot and clean it out thoroughly. Pop in your razors blade down and put somewhere out of reach. Not only will they be out of the way but they can also dry effectively in the pot which reduces rust and makes your razor last longer. Yay for smooth legs!

So, there's the bathroom edition with help from us! If you have any more recycling hacks with our tubs then please let us know in the comments below!