Food Phobias That Will Blow Your Mind

Food seems like a bizarre thing to be afraid of, especially when it's essential to life that it is keeping you going (and also tastes delicious). However, a lot of people are struck with specific food phobias that impact their lives massively. These are some that will blow your mind. Hopefully, no one has a fear of Gookie Dough, that would be tragic. 

(Image credit: Vegan Ostomy) 


Some people steer clear of anything slightly sour such as citrus fruits and harsh sweets as it can be an overwhelming sensation. It is that intense that the individual actually develops a fear of anything sour and will avoid the tongue-tingling sensation completely. 


I'm glad that I don't have to pronounce that one and can just type it. This tricky one is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The individual will go into a major panic because they believe their mouth will never open properly again. Rip peanut butter cups. 


The fear of taste. This sounds extreme seeing as any living thing is designed to eat and enjoy their food. Taste comes in all different forms, colours and sizes. However, Geumophobes don't fear food as much as flavour. Individuals with this will stick to flavourless diets such as plain pasta and never have a sauce! 


A fear of swallowing must be impossible to live with when it's a natural function. This makes eating and drinking very difficult, the irrational fear of swallowing will trigger a strong gag reflex in sufferers which can lead to them being misdiagnosed as having an eating disorder. 


This is the fear of shellfish which seems more understandable. Seafood allergies are the most common causes of potentially life-threatening allergies. However, people with this phobia can't even look at shellfish without feeling anxiety. 


The fear of chocolate. WHAT?! How is this even possible? This is a saddening fear, especially knowing that they are missing out on Gookie Dough!


Lastly, the fear of cheese. Can there be such a thing? Apparently. Some people are scared of trying cheese because they think it may be mouldy or hiding some kind of worms. They may even avoid other dairy products like milk. They're missing out on a lot because pizza is life!