Foods And Drinks To Improve Heart Health & One To Avoid

Our heart is the key to our body being healthy. A healthy heart is the key to a happy life. Nutritional advice can be overwhelming but here at Gookie Dough, we like to keep things nice and simple. Here are the foods that can improve your heart health and those that aren't as good. 

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Fungi are nutritional goodies. They contain anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamin D and antioxidants. They can reduce hardening of the arteries, cholesterol and blood pressure. You only need to consume three ounces of mushrooms to provide you with your daily dose of nutrients. Unfortunately, you either love them or hate them. Hide them in your mashed potato or chicken pie. Do anything!


You don't have to ask us twice if we'd like a glass of wine. It's known that one glass of wine (drinking in moderation, of course) can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase lipoproteins. We don't mean drink the whole bottle every single day as this can lead to heart attacks and high blood pressure. Drink to recommended amounts and don't overdo it. Remember, too much of a good thing can be harmful! 


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Us Brits love a good cup of builders tea. Researchers believe that antioxidants in tea can have a positive impact on our health. Tea contains good cholesterol which helps our cell membranes to function and also tries to remove the bad cholesterol out of the bloodstream. Of course, tea is good if you're not sprinkling it with sugar constantly. You'll end up with diabetes instead!

Energy drinks

A BIG NO. Caffeine, vitamins and stimulating ingredients are the worst for heart health. Drinking energy drinks can lead to palpitations, heart attacks and seizures (hence the new 16 age limit). Pumping all of these compounds into your body at the same time means that your heart is working harder and can struggle, especially if you have underlying health conditions in your genes. Gookie Dough wins yet again. 

So, eat your mushrooms, drink your tea and enjoy a glass of wine. After all, it is hump day and we're all dying in the office wondering when it's the weekend. Order your Gookie Dough here to keep you going till Fri-yay!