Funny Apology Cakes

A cake is the way to someone's heart. It doesn't matter if it's your birthday, cake is always the answer! Ever received an apology cake? Well, these people have, and they're probably the most amusing thing we've seen all week. We need to know the backstory! 

I 'ham' sorry 

(Image credit: Woman's World) 

The person who received this cake must have been pretty cut up about the person who ate all the ham. I guess you could call them a little piggy (too lame?). To be fair, they should have bought some new ham instead of a cake. 

Lunchbox anger 

(Image credit: Team Jimmy Joe) 

Someone was HANGRY! The reason to kick a lunchbox is unknown and being run over by a car is rather dramatic. I'm guessing even a cake couldn't fix this dilemma, but hey, at least they drew a heart and sad face! 


(Image credit: Obsev Life)

The fact that the writing is in red still hints to me that the person is still being slightly psycho and is foreshadowing death. However, sprinkles are supposed to make everything better. Our Gookie Dough funfetti cake batter always does. Next time, choose a different colour for the icing? Just a little tip there. 

Slice of cake 

(Image credit: Odd Stuff Magazine) 

'Sorry, you got stabbed.' Straight to the point. If the patient is still emotionally recovering then, this may have triggered some PTSD. Again, red shouldn't be everyone's go-to colour but let's hope the receiver took this lightly. 

Right in the feels 

(Image credit: Wow Amazing) 

Accidents happen and this person must have felt awful about what they did. The elbowing most-likely didn't hurt that much but this kind-hearted individual went out of their way to make a cake and even iced it themselves. The icing is worse than the action itself but we'll let it go. 

Sugar rush 

(Image credit: 

What's the best way to make someone feel better about their diabetic diagnosis? Buy them a massive cake which is slathered in icing of course. We don't know if the sender was just being sarcastic or pure evil but we feel for the diabetic. Care to share? 

Maybe we don't want an apology cake after all. We may be brutally savaged!