Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Gookie Dough! We hope you're having a spooktacular day, whether this is creeping up on your friends, dressing up or simply trick or treating with the kids and getting to eat all of their sweets while they're in bed! So, grab your MONSTER tub of Gookie Dough and light your pumpkin as we discuss Halloween history. 

(Image credit: The Peak) 

Why celebrate Halloween? 

It's thought that Halloween started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain where people would wear costumes and roam to ward off ghosts. However, it's down to Pope Gregory III in the eighth century as to why we celebrate it. 

Samhain means 'snow in' and marks the end of summer, Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundaries between the living and the dead become muddled up. Based on tradition, people would wear costumes such as animal skins and things on their head and would try and tell each other's fortunes. By 43 AD the Roman Empire had conquered Celtic territory, and over the years, they combined their festivals with the Celtics. 

The festival

The first festival was called Feralia where Romans would reflect on the dead. The second was Pomona which is the goddess of fruits and trees. The symbol for this is an apple which leads to why 'apple bobbing' is a thing today. Then Christianity added praying for the dead.

The change 

The Pope made November 1st as a time to honour the saints, hence why it is called All Saints Day. The day took on some Samhain traditions and the evening became known as All Hallows Eve (Halloween). November 2nd is All Souls Day where the dead are remembered. The tradition was based on the idea of a stage between heaven and hell. This begins the 'month of the dead'. Lovely. 


Over time, the tradition has taken twists and turns and is now best known for children dressing up, pumpkins and masks to scare others. The tradition made its way to America, and by the 19th century, with an influx of immigrants, Halloween took the country by storm. Americans would visit their neighbours and ask for food, hence trick or treating.  

The end. Next on your list? Get the duvet, put on the worst horror you can think of and grab a pillow for comfort. Don't forget to lock the doors! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GOOKIE MONSTERS.