World Vegan Day

Today marks World Vegan Day, and with the lifestyle taking social media by storm and many individuals wanting to change the way they eat and use products, it's a very important day. Which is why we're talking about all things vegan. 

(Image credit: Young Post - South China Morning Post) 

What is a vegan?

Being vegan means not eating anything which contains animals or animal by-products which would include meat, fish, eggs, dairy and even honey. The Vegan Society is behind all of the movement and promotes veganism worldwide. The national and global day has been taking place ever since 1994 and the society was set up in 1944. 

What is it about? 

The day is intended to celebrate how far veganism has come from its early days, and it is also meant to highlight how easy it can be to make the change in your life. The term 'vegan' has become more educational now and it gives the message of how it benefits the planet and individual health. 

How do we celebrate?

Of course, due to the worldwide event, it's very personal to everyone how we celebrate. However, there are many hashtags used on social media to get the movement going. For example #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay. People can mark the occasion by hosting events or making small changes such as going vegan for a day, month or even shopping vegan. 

At the moment, only the Gooey Chocolate Chip Gookie Dough is vegan-friendly. While the dough in all flavours doesn't contain any animal by-products, the milk and white chocolate will contain dairy. However, keep your eyes peeled because this may change!