Gookie Dough To Your Door

If you've ordered Gookie Dough for the first time and you're unsure of what to expect, here's a little guide to put your mind at rest and everything you need to know to lose your Gookie Dough virginity. 

Don't worry if you're not in 

There's nothing worse than having a delivery in the middle of the day on a Wednesday when you're going to be at work, and you know your neighbours won't be in either. The food is fresh so can't be taken back to the depot.

Keeping the dough chilled 

Our boxes are insulated with special bags which will allow your Gookie Dough to stay cool for up to 72 hours. The drivers are aware that they need to leave your dough in a safe place and if there are any ever issues then contact us. We're happy to help! 😊 

Our groovy boxes

You'll know straight away when we have delivered your yummies because you'll see our beautifully bright, sprinkle covered box sat at your feet outside of the door. We take pride in our designs, and we hope you love our boxes just as much as we do! Check out that parcel tape. Top notch! 


We are proud to use DHL as our courier as they're reliable and always keep you guys updated on your order. When ordering, you will get a confirmation email from us and then an SMS or email from DHL with a one-hour delivery slot. This way, if you're waiting on the driver, you at least know you can nip and do your bits beforehand, and you won't miss it! 


And there you have it. Quick, simple, easy and stored safely, so you get the best high-quality product. Made with a smile, delivered with a smile. Grab a spoon and tuck in and we'll no doubt receive another order from you soon! Remember to use the magical discount code which is also inserted into the box so you get some dollar off of your next order! But shhhh, it's a secret!