Hacks To Make Your Homemade Cookies Taste Like Gookie Dough

The pro of our product is that we've made life so much easier for you. Just take the Gookie Dough out of the tub, chuck it onto a tray and bake. Voila, the job is done! But what if you've run out of Gookie Dough and have to make your own and it's nowhere near as good? These are ways to make your cookies taste better and taste as good as ours. 

(Image credit: foodandwine.com) 

Vanilla extract 

In a lot of recipes where Gookie Dough is used, we always tell you that we have used vanilla extract already so there is no need to add extras. However, when you make your own cookies, vanilla extract is a must! This can also be done for other flavours such as mint. 

Adding extras

Adding extra ingredients to your homemade dough cannot harm and can make things a little more interesting. Toppings such as white chocolate, pretzels and nuts can break up the flavour profile and add more originality. 


After you've added your extras to the dough and enhanced the flavour then pop it in the fridge overnight. This way, the flavours can seep deeper and then the taste will be better. 

(Image credit: Dallas Observer) 

Coffee kicks

Popping a teaspoon of instant espresso powder into your chocolate chip dough can help mask any artificial taste and give you that energy buzz you need to make it through the rest of the day. It can be your secret office snack and your key to productivity. If you have no espresso powder then you can use freshly ground coffee instead.

Butter and brown sugar 

Sometimes a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar and three tablespoons of softened butter in the pre-made batter can make everything taste homemade. Olive oil can also be used if you want a flatter, crunchier cookie! 


A lot of people don't use salt when it comes to sweet treats but Maldon salt can be very beneficial to your dough. Using flaky Maldon salt can bring out the flavours of the cookie dough and give a bittersweet delightful twist. Sprinkle some salt on your cookies before they go into the oven to achieve this. 

Gookie Dough can't get much better, it's an angel sent from the God's. But let's be real, that is a lot of hard work just to perfect a batch of your own cookies. So why not just save yourself the hassle and order more tubs so you never run out!