Health Benefits of Cream

Single, double, whipped or spray. We are a population who love cream just like our feline friends and we say it's a must-have in our fridge. Whether it's partnered with strawberries or it's a squirt on the side of some pie, we love it. The calcium fueled treat may be calorific but it also has some surprising health benefits. Here they are. 

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Eye health 

Cream is full of vitamin A which improves vision health. It helps the eyes to adapt to changes in light and also can improve night vision (bye carrots). It maintains retina health and prevents the chances of night blindness by helping us to adjust to the darkness. It also reduces the chances of macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are deposits of minerals and calcium which are trapped in the urinary tract. The more calcium an individual eats, the lower the chances of kidney stones. Calcium isn't the cause for kidney stones but in fact the excessive intake of minerals in the water. So, maybe those leafy vegetables can do some damage after all. 

Hair health

Protein in cream maintains hair health and prevents it from damage so if you have a fear of hairdressers, do not worry! You'll notice that a lot of conditioners and other hair care products contain protein in a high amount. 

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Production of RBC

Super science time alert. Riboflavin is an element which is required to form red blood cells and antibodies in humans that assist oxygenation and circulation. Guess what? Even spray cream helps that. 

Assist growth 

A little self-explanatory as we know that children require high amounts of calcium to assist bone growth. Vitamin B2 is essential for the development and growth of the tissues in the eyes, skin, immune system, nervous system and reproductive organs. It also promotes skin, hair and nail health. If your little one wants more ice cream with their Gookie Dough then you'll know it's a good idea to say yes! 

Mental health 

The presence of calcium in adequate amounts lowers the chances of premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, dizziness and hypertension. The low amount of mineral promotes the release of hormones which causes irritability. Eat your dairy! 

So, next time it's cheat day and you're swaying towards that extra dollop of cream or another big pour then don't think twice. Goodbye, guilt. Just remember to eat in moderation and part of a balanced diet (with Gookie Dough included, of course). *Facts adapted from*