How To Make Slime Soup

Get your slime on this Halloween with these easy but spooky recipes you can make from the comfort of your own home. If you really want to celebrate in style then this slime soup is definitely worth your time. Don't have a dessert? Just add green food colouring to some Gookie Dough and you've got some creepy cookies too! Not only is this soup in the Halloween spirit but it also contains delicious veggies.

(Image credit: Morrisons) 

You will need:

500g of frozen peas

One spring onion

750ml of boiling water 

Vegetable stock concentrate to taste or as a stock cube 

One ball of mozzarella


Firstly, cook the frozen peas and spring onion in the boiling water with the stock until tender and cooked through. Remove and get rid of the spring onion once the peas are soft enough to be blitzed into a soup. 

Chop up your mozzarella roughly and pop it into the blender. Blend n three batches, pouring the vile green and slimy soup into the pan and heating gently to melt the cheese and peas better together. 

The stringiness of the cheese and the yucky snot colour of the veggies make this a simple but spooky dish which is perfect for your witches and wizards. The soup should make up to one litre which is enough for the kids and you, depending on how many sweets you've already gotten through! Just remember your Gookie Dough dessert. *Adapted from*