Baking Fails 101

You saw the inspiration on Instagram or that 'Birthday Goals' board on Pinterest. Seeing it and believing you can make it, you've got the ingredients, and you're ready to go! It can't be that hard, surely? Here are the baking disasters that are painful to look at. 

Fail #1 

(Image credit: Phil__Swift via Reddit) 

Where do we start? What happened to the rainbow and why does it look like some disaster you'd see in a hospital? Happy Halloween, guys! No one was harmed during the process of making this crepe cake, just our eyes.

Fail #2 

(Image credit: FERRISBUELLER2000 via Reddit) 

It's gone from super cute Easter treat to disastrous distressed birds which appear to be fighting for their life. Either that or they've applied too much blusher and become a little flustered. You can't deny that this isn't funny though, classic! 

Fail #3 


(Image credit: Spend With Pennies) 

This baker forgot to add flour ingredients to their cookies. Everything was sifted and ready to go, but the dry ingredients weren't combined, so here's the result. Gorgeous gloopy mixture with rabbit droppings! This is why you choose Gookie Dough without fail. 

Fail #4 

(Image credit: Sally's Baking Addiction) 

The picture on the cake mix packet vs the result. Red velvet yet there is hardly any red? We're a little confused whether this person was supposed to put the icing mixture within the cake because to us, it doesn't seem to make sense. I guess certain people shouldn't bake!

Fail #5 


(Image credit: Olivia's Cusine via Facebook) 

Cooking takes time and patience, but this person apparently had a lot of time on his hands or got distracted and went to Mars and back before taking the pizza out. What a waste, we're very sad over this. However, at least there is an excuse for takeaway! 

Had any baking fails as bad as this before? Let us know in the comments below!