Mary Berry's Baking Tips

If you haven't watched Great British Bake Off (GBBO) then where have you been? Mary Berry is the queen of cakes and we love her like she was our own Grandma. Now, she has given her top tips when it comes to baking so we better listen closely. Here they are!

(Image credit: Kuulpeeps) 

Using the right cake tin 

Different cakes require different tins and it's easy to just disregard this step. Just because you have an expensive tin or one that's nearly the same size, doesn't mean it's right for the recipe. Don't start something until you have all of the correct equipment. 

High-fat content 

A high-fat content is essential in the butter you choose. Mary Berry suggests over 75% (sorry health nuts). Lower fat kinds of butter have a higher water content which means your mixture isn't top notch. 

Baking powder measurements 

Baking powder is a great ingredient and is in pretty much every cake recipe. You probably think that adding a little extra of the innocent powder will be fine and will have no impact. However, if you add too much then the cake will rise and fall quickly and will dry out fast. 

(Image credit: The Happy Foodie) 

Weighing ingredients 

So many recipes end up as a disaster just because the wrong measurements were used. Sometimes even being a little bit over or under can have a major effect on flavour and consistency. Concentrate when weighing and use accurate scales. This is why here at Gookie Dough, the hard work is done for you already!  

Perfecting your icing 

To create a thick layer of icing, brush the cake mixture with a jam coating first. This seals the cake and acts as a base for the icing to be added. This means an even layer that doesn't have excess crumbs lurking!

The toothpick/skewer trick 

This trick is great to see if a cake is baked thoroughly. However, if the cake is not a golden colour, it's not ready at all so don't even bother testing. First of all, check the colour, if the cake pushes down and springs back if you pop your finger on top of it then it's ready. If not, keep it baking, baby! 

So, the queen has spoken! Any other tips to add to the mix? Let us know in the comments below. *Tips from BBC Good Food via Mary Berry*