July Summer Desserts

The UK really isn't giving up on this heatwave, is it? Hitting a scorching 30 degrees or even more, us Brits are sizzling in our non-air conditioned country. The heat can mean that many of us are losing our appetite so what better way than to fill up on light desserts. These are our July favourites!

Caramel and coffee ice cream sandwich 

(Image credit: BBC Good Food) 

Keeping it cool with a simple and indulgent frozen dessert and stepping it up to make it more adult friendly. Everyone needs a caffeine boost. All you need is one tablespoon of chocolate coated coffee beans which are chopped, two scoops of coffee ice cream and four caramel wafers. Mix the coffee beans with the ice cream and sandwich between two wafers. Voila! Maybe breakfast just got exciting? An alternative would be switching your waffles for Gookie Dough (either baked or not), then you've got a mysterious mocha. 

Strawberry shortbread frozen yoghurt 

(Image credit: BBC Good Food) 

Freeze dried strawberries with crunched up pieces of shortbread and a delicious summery taste. You don't need an ice cream machine to make the best gelato in town. The ingredients are:

550g strawberries
500g pot of Greek yoghurt
397g can of condensed milk 
Two teaspoons of vanilla bean paste or extract
200ml double cream
8 shortbread biscuits
Two tablespoons of freeze-dried strawberry pieces 
Pop 400g of strawberries into the food processor to make a puree. Chop the rest of the strawberries and add the yoghurt, condensed milk and vanilla. Combine. Pour the double cream into a separate bowl and whip until it's thick, add one-third of the strawberry mixture and fold. Pour half of the mixture into a freezable container and scatter shortbread pieces over along with the dried strawberries then layer with the other half of the mixture and rescatter the shortbread and dried fruit. 

Effortless tiramisu pots

(Image credit: BBC Good Food by Chelsie Collins)

Coffee and chocolate is a dream come true and this layering dessert doesn't have to be difficult. You'll need three teaspoons of instant coffee granules, three tablespoons of coffee liqueur, 250g mascarpone, 85g condensed milk, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, 4-6 sponge fingers and one tablespoon of cocoa powder. 

Simply mix the coffee with boiling water, add the coffee liqueur and then some cold water. Beat the mascarpone, condensed milk and vanilla extract until thick. Break the sponge fingers and soak in the coffee mixture for a few seconds. Layer your sponge fingers and whipped mixture. Sprinkle cocoa powder like fairy dust!

Which will be your July sweet treat? We're certainly hyped about the coffee, we're needing it to stay alive in this humidity! However, our hair may say differently.