No Bake Gookie Dough Cheesecake

You can bake without the baking. If you're not a fan of popping things in the oven because you're clumsy and end up ruining it all (like me), then this no-bake cheesecake is for you! There's something about cookie dough that everyone loves, licking the bowl clean after making a batch and realising you much prefer it raw rather than the end result. This is why we've brought to you Gookie Dough cheesecake which is a treat that you can totally indulge on. 

There is a layer of cookie dough under the cheesecake, cookie dough balls mixed throughout, and a pile of cookie dough balls on top. So sit down and pamper yourself. Don't forget that glass of milk and relive your childhood. 

Prep time 45 minutes, bake time, none!

You Will Need:

(For the crust) 

Three tablespoons of melted butter

300g of biscuits of your choice 

(For the cheesecake) 

A monster tub of Gookie Dough

Three packs of cream cheese

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

1 cup of icing sugar

One teaspoon of vanilla extract 


To make the crust, merely put the butter and biscuits in a food processor and mix until it is smooth and a ball-like formation has appeared. Press the crust into a 9-inch springform pan or a square pan. We recommend using the springform because it makes your life ten times easier!  

For the cheesecake, beat together the cream cheese, cream, sugar and vanilla extract until it has a fluffy texture, this should take about five minutes. 

Then, divide your Gookie Dough tub into three parts (we used the original flavour to get that traditional feel!). Roll one third into a circle which is the size of your pain and lay on top of the crust you've just made. Then roll the remaining dough into small balls. Stir half of these balls into the cheesecake and set the remaining in the fridge for the topping! 

Top with your cheesecake mixture and pop in the fridge to set. This should be for at least four hours. Afterwards, garnish your cheesecake with whipped cream and add the extra Gookie Dough balls. Use up within five days! 

The pictures speak for themselves. This recipe is truly delightful and is perfect for any event. Who says cheesecake has to be fancy or complicated? Try our red velvet Gookie Dough for a unique pink/red colour and be extra vibrant! Got a birthday? Funfetti cake batter is perfect, we all need sprinkles when it's our special day. Alternatively, go super indulgent with triple chocolate fudge. Oozing with gooey goodness! Remember always to check the date of your Gookie Dough tubs to ensure you have enough time to eat it all up! Waste not, want not and all that.