Your Top Questions About Gookie Dough Answered

Sometimes, you want a more in-depth answer than what our FAQ section has to offer, and that is fine! You're our most favourite people here at Gookie Dough, and we want to ensure you get the best customer service possible which is why we're here to have a great chit-chat as well as providing you with cookie dough deliciousness.


If you spend £40 or more in one purchase then you are entitled to free delivery (yay!)  All distributions are next day after production (this can take up to 3 working days) to make sure the product is 100% fresh and the best quality you can get it. Not only will you have a snazzy Gookie Dough box, but you'll also have safe to use ice-packs which will keep your tubs of delight sweet and fresh. We know that presentation is crucial so enjoy your red confetti pieces. The primary information is as followed:

Mainland UK: £4.95
ROI: £9.95
Saturday delivery* (Mainland UK only): £11.99
Orders over £40**  (Mainland UK only)FREE
*Cut off order time for Saturday delivery is 5 pm Thursday
**Weekday deliveries only


More flavours? 

Here at Gookie Dough, we're always building up a sweat in the kitchen, trying to think of new ideas which will tantalise your taste buds. We've tried, tasted, mixed, baked and frozen your favourite tubs to experiment to find the best possible combinations. We have some secret schemes in the pipeline which will keep you on your toes. If you want to suggest a flavour to us, then please do let us know, we'd love to hear your ideas! 

We want a Gookie Dough party!

And we will attend in style! If you can't get enough of our product and want to host an event with us, then we shall make sure your day goes perfectly. All you need to do is email us at and tell us your plan so we can figure something out that will be delightful for you and your guests. 

How to store Gookie Dough 

It's advised that Gookie Dough is stored in the fridge when not planning to consume anytime soon. That being said, if you don't want to sit struggling with a spoon straight out of the refrigerator then leave your favourite flavour on the side at room temperature for a few hours and let it do its thing. Once warm, the dough will be easier to work with and have more flavour. Divine. Your Gookie Dough will last up to 4 weeks in the fridge but the tubs are always stamped with a date at the bottom! Alternatively, it can last up to 12 months in the freezer. But let's be real, does anyone really wait that long? It's too tempting! So long new year's resolution. 

More informed now? If you have any more questions that still haven't been answered then let us know via social media channels or our email. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. But for now? Happy scooping!