Our Instagram Favourites Of The Month

We love the Instagram community and our fans are always inspiring us with new Gookie ideas which is why we're (yet again) saying a big thank you to all of you and showing off our favourite Instagram posts of the month. Remember to follow us @gookiedough for juicy content and to spice up your feed!

Donut Dough

This is quite literally what dreams are made of and those teeth marks are making us jealous that it wasn't us taking a huge bite of heaven. When in doubt, make dough-rings. I wonder if that is a whole tub of original flavoured Gookie Dough there? Well, that's our diet out of the window. Massive credit to @hot.fork! 

Funfetti Cake 


In the words of @ncyfoodforthesoul, "Fudge brownie, cookie dough, funfetti cake with edible cookie dough frosting with vanilla and chocolate buttercream and Nutella coating topped with edible cookie dough." Ever seen cookie dough present in one sentence this many times? Calories don't exist when it comes to this cake! Maybe we should start a petition to see the inside? SOOOO DREAMY!

Fudge Brownies 


@asammacros is certainly telling us who's boss with this creation. Cookie dough fudge brownies which are made from little pieces of funfetti Gookie Dough. What a way to add a splash of colour to your food. 100% food perfection right here! Why have a normal boring brownie when you can add sprinkles? 

Skillet Surprises 

Skillets, the only time you can eat the whole thing without feeling any guilt. We're not sure if this is too gorgeous to eat or whether we want to stick our faces into it and just consume it all in one bite! Made with our gooey original Gookie Dough and what seems to be gorgeous white chocolate covered Oreos and some delicious chocolate spread @scrambled_legz has got this down to a tee. Dessert is well and truly served!

Gookie Tots 

@sammiejosephene is doing what any responsible adult would do and introducing the little ones to Gookie Dough! How adorable is this, we're certainly looking like the heart eye emoji right now 😍. Maybe you need an extra pot when buying your next order! 

Thank you to all of you Gookie Monsters for letting us look at your creations, we love to see it and please continue tagging us in your posts in the future! Make sure you give us a follow and use #gookiedough for a chance to be reposted on our page!