Upcycling Your Gookie Dough Pots | Safe Keeping Edition

It's been a while but we're back with more recycling ideas. Here at Gookie Dough, we provide you with plastic pots which contain our product but we don't want you to throw them away, we want to see them recycled and making steps to help the environment. You've seen the beauty and desk editions so here is how to turn your pots of joy into safekeeping godsends!

Keys and cards  

How many of us have misplaced our keys or cards and have been rushing to get out the door only to have to turn the house upside down. We've all been there! By keeping your keys in your Gookie Dough pot when you get in, you'll know that they'll always be there and will never go walkabout. 

Change savings 

Got coppers and silvers making your purse/wallet ten times heavier? Take saving to the next level and pop all your stupid 5 and 10p coins in your Gookie pot and before you know it, you'll have an extra £10. With our monster tubs, you may even find yourself with a decent bit of cash. Perfect if you're craving cocktails on that Saturday night or want to buy your next stash of our treat! 

Meds, meds, meds 


So, boxes for medications aren't exactly durable and tend to rip, break and just become destroyed. Keep your medications in a safe place and altogether so you know where they are! If you have people in your family with different medications then label your Gookie pot so you're able to keep your own and no mix-ups occur.

The lost earphones 


So, you're about to get on a hectic train, it's rush hour and you're scrambling around in your black hole of a bag. Your earphones are in hiding, you know they're in there but the slight panic of you losing them is in the back of your mind. You're holding people up behind you and your train is on its way. WHERE ARE THEY?! Say goodbye to the panic and pop your earphones in a Gookie pot. Not only will they be safe, but they're easier to find in your bag and won't become dirty or filled with crumbs. Problem solved! 

How do you use your Gookie pots after you've finished with them? Let us know in the comments below.