Sweet Treat Nail Art That We Need

Even guys should be hyped for this one because these nails are good enough to eat (quite literally). You know you're a true cookie fan when you go to the extreme of getting your nails done and the design is of all things Gookie related. We thought we'd share these images with you because we should admire this beautiful work.

Look #1

Thinking about the time and effort that went into this and the fact that it isn't permanent makes me cry just a tad. The gingham background is a 10/10 and we can't help but appreciate the shading/shadow of the cookies. It's raining cookies, hallelujah!  

Look #2

What's better than the real deal? Cartoon cookies! Want to get matching nails with your BFF? These are goals, super adorable and the pastel pink screams summer. You'll just have to battle it out between who is the cookie and who is the milk carton! 

Look #3

This design certainly gives us the funfetti cake batter vibe and is super fun. Discrete yet a statement design, you don't need cookies plastered all over to show your appreciation. Just a bit of rainbow unicorn magic. We can see that you certainly love sprinkles and we're all for it! 

Look #4

Add a dash of sparkle and show off those beauties with pride. Having a statement nail is bang on trend and we're feeling the cookie monster vibes with this blue combo. I'm sure he'll approve and that cookie nail looks incredibly realistic. 

Who knew that nails could make you hungry?! Have you got any food-related makeup skills? Let us know in the comments below!