What Type Of Gookie Dough Are You?

It's a little Gookie Dough quiz special with this weeks edition being what kind of Gookie Dough flavour are you based on your personality. We deserve some light-hearted fun seeing as it's ONLY humpday. Internal crying indeed. 

Gooey Original  

You're the smart cookie and most definitely the classiest. You like to keep life simple and uncomplicated and it's no surprise because those chocolate chips in that plain dough are a match made in heaven. The first invention is always the best, so why ruin it? You're like the mother of the group, taking care of all of the kiddies and have a sensible head on your shoulders. However, sometimes you can take things to seriously so be sure to let your hair down! 

Triple Chocolate Fudge 

You're the popular one who everyone seems to like no matter what. You love the attention and are destined to be on top. It's your way or no way and you're fantastic at being a leader and can perhaps be a little stubborn. Patience isn't your fine point and if you're in a bad mood, there will be trouble. However, underneath all of that tough cookie shell, there is a melting heart that truly cares about others, even if you won't admit it. 

Red Velvet 

Oh Little Miss Velvet, you're definitely the fashionista of the group and the beauty icon. You're all for perfect nails, lipstick and you'd even look good in a bin liner. You're the romantic of the group and love to be loved. Animals are your favourite and if you could have a million dogs, you certainly would. You're extremely family-orientated and enjoy the finer things in life. You're built for comfort and we could never blame you. However, Red Velvet, you sometimes care a little too much and can become too emotional, it's important to know when to let go. 

Funfetti Cake Batter

Best till last, right? Funfetti is here for FUN. You're the life of a party and can turn any frown upside down. You're destined to travel the world and are certainly the adventurous type who thrives on adrenaline. Whether it's skydiving, climbing a mountain or swimming with sharks, it's all a thrill. You love nature and are very grounded. The downfall? Sometimes you put on a front and inside you may not be so happy, it's important to open up about your feelings. 

So, which Gookie Dough are you? Let us know in the comments below!