Things You NEED If You Love Desserts

December 11th, already?! Where has the time gone? If you're full of cold like me and are still tackling the Christmas shopping, then I feel your pain. However, the tree is finally up, and some wrapping is done (attempted wrapping, it's honestly a mess). To make your day a little brighter on this miserable Monday morning, I thought I'd bring you some absolute must-have items that you need if you are a dessert lover. It's not too late to add to your Christmas list after all. 

An Edible Box of Chocolates 

Well duh, chocolate is edible. But there's a catch! Tuck into this box of chocolates which are filled with fleur de sel caramels and don't worry about having to recycle the box because it's also made out of chocolate. Double dessert, yay (just make sure you don't keep it on your lap for too long)!

Funfetti Cake Bites 

We aren't biased or anything, but nothing beats our Funfetti Gookie Dough. I guess we'll make an exception this time because you can get a whole box of Funfetti cake bites! Unless you dip your cookie dough balls into chocolate and make cookie pops. Now, that's an idea!

Doughnut Lunch Box 

Damn, you foodie fashionista. Be the talk of the office and add a little humour to your weekdays with this doughnut styled lunch box. The real Homer Simpson has arrived! 

Ice Cream Mixing Set 

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Combine your favourite toppings into your ice cream with this unique set. This features a marble slab (very Instagram worthy), two mixing utensils and ceramic dishes on top of a bamboo base. All you do is freeze the marble slab for an hour or so before mixing. You will be able to make your own Gookie Dough ice cream! Who needs Ben & Jerry's anymore? 

Macaroon Soaps

Sorry to lead you on, I know, these soaps look good enough to eat! Take dessert to the next level and even shower with it with these adorable soaps from Etsy. The handmade macaroons are provided in a black and red gift box and smell just like the real thing. Perfect for those with sensitive skin as these are organic. You shall smell divine.  

Slush Puppie Machine 

Our childhood dreams have come true. Enjoy a tongue colour changing treat which you can now make from the comfort of your own home. Pop onto your kitchen counter and make a unique or classic flavour of icy goodness. All you need is syrup, ice, water and some salt and you're good to go. Guess who'll be hosting the summer party next year? 

 Which item do you NEED?