50 Shades of Kit Kat

Japan is pretty serious when it comes to the Kit Kat and who's to blame them? The delightful snack is perfect when dunked into a mug of tea or to tantalise your taste buds on your lunch break. Our flavours only extend as far as cookies and cream, mocha, dark, mint, orange and New York Cheesecake as a limited edition gem. So why don't we enter the world of Kit Kat professionals and find out the true flavours that we need to try!


Probably the least weird flavours of the bunch. Fruits and chocolate are pals when it comes to the combination of foods. Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits in Japan, so there's no surprise that it's also a Kit Kat bar. The pastel pink snack tastes like those strawberry and white chocolate lollies that you had as a kid, definitely memorable! However, next comes Citrus Golden Blend. To me, it sounds like washing up liquid or one of those sweets that are always left in the tin because no one likes them. The flavour is described to start off quite lemon-like until a sharp citrus shooting burst of flavour hits your tongue and tastes like that bitter-sweet gum. Lastly, is the pear. Now, pear and chocolate are pals when it comes to desserts (well the real products, anyway), but how would they taste in a chocolate bar? The pear flavour seems to be more artificial than natural so tastes very concentrated, almost like a sour jelly bean that has never been near the actual fruit in its lifetime. I think I'll stick with my usual Kit Kat, thanks!


NOOOO! How dare you ruin chocolate! Japan is way too adventurous compared to us Brits. three words, purple sweet potato. Yes, it's a flavour, but sweet potato belongs on my plate for dinner, not as my lunchtime chocolate snack? However, the next one is a worldwide sensation. Chili and chocolate. This combination is one for the daring who like a mild burn but bittersweetness. Just make sure you have a glass of water (or milk!) handy when you bite into this one. 


So we've tried New York Cheesecake and even had a period of cookie dough goodness (hmm, maybe we should try a red velvet Gookie Dough Kit Kat?! Collaboration, please!) but here are the extra twists that you wished you could get your hands on within the UK. First up, is a cinnamon cookie Kit Kat. Cinnamon is perfect during this festive season and is in every dessert, covered in white chocolate with a hint of Christmas spice, this is warm and comforting. Strawberry cheesecake is no surprise seeing as we've already discussed the love for the fruit. Perhaps a little too similar but without the gritty fruit texture, this one can't fool the tastebuds! Next is brown sugar syrup. Now, this sounds as diabetic as it most likely is. Extra sugar, meets chocolate. Delightful. 


Other flavours include baked potato, soy sauce, fruit parfait, red bean paste, salt watermelon, chocolate and grilled potato (what?), apple vinegar, sports drink, kiwi and cherry blossom. I'll let your minds imagine and somewhat cringe at the thought. 

Nestle have captitalised the craze of Kit Kat by making these unique flavours. Which ones would you be trying?