Top Gifts For Your Favourite Foodie

Everyone loves food, and I'm sure you have someone who is a challenge to buy for at Christmas time. You're sick of buying chocolates, perfume, lynx sets and makeup, so it's time to step up the game and find something unique but special. This is your ultimate gift guide for your favourite foodie to make them go 'wow' this festive season. 

BBQ Branding Iron 

Got that manly-man in your family that is king of the BBQ? Now he can staple his famous burgers with this personalised branding iron. Make any message as it comes with all the letters of the alphabet and doesn't require any tools. You won't go unnoticed, that's for sure. 

Choc On Choc All Chocolate Biscuit Selection

Is it a biscuit? Or is it a chocolate treat? This little novelty stocking filler is a selection of family favourites such as Custard Cream, Bourbons, Party Rings and Digestives! Made with Belgian chocolate to create a rich, creamy taste. The question is, where is the Gookie Dough at? 

Christmas Tree Gin 

The best Christmas tree decoration ever? These mini bottles of gin look adorable on a tree and taste delicious. Each set contains 6 bottles of the London Dry Gin with a Sipsmith ribbon displaced in a presentation box. Quench that gin-lovers thirst and give them an adult treat!

Krispy Kreme Puzzle

A puzzle that's good enough to eat! This 500 piece circular jigsaw is great for those who are a true problem-solver at heart. Presented in the famous doughnut-styled box, this will tantalise the tastebuds and features a range of the most popular treats. From strawberry glaze to Nutella and how can we forget lemon cheesecake?

Bubble Licks

Bubble what? Create your own flavour from your favourite beverage, whether this is cherryade or prosecco! Mix it with the base bubble liquid provided then blow the bubbles and try to catch them on your tongue. Great fun for all the family and a quirky gift for all ages! Funfetti flavoured bubbles? Why not! 

Work It Out Exercise Mat 

Get super stylish and become a trendsetter at the gym with this 'After this we're getting pizza' quoted exercise mat. Made to be extra girly with pastel pink, the inspiration quote will encourage you to burn off those calories so you can fit a beloved pizza in. After all, pizza will always be a girl's best friend. 

Retro Mini Popcorn Maker 

Make your sleepover super with this mini popcorn maker. This little gem can make up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch which is super easy. The maker uses an electric system which means no oil is required so is overall better for your health. Pour the kernels into the kernel measuring cup provided and switch on. Snuggle up with a movie and hot chocolate and voila, your own cinema. Coming to a kitchen near you!

Reeses Skillet  

With a high quality cast iron skillet and miniature Reese's peanut butter cups, this will make you squeal with delight on Christmas morning. The peanut butter food trend is at the top of the list right now and you can make up some cookies or pancakes. Get creative!

So, now you have inspiration on what to buy your Foodie this Christmas. What will you be buying?