Throwback Food Trends That We Can't Believe We Thought Were Cool

Throwing it back to about 15 years ago. Food trends come and go, as do everything else in life, including fashion and beauty. Remember when bacon was on every dessert going. Just why? Here are the food trends that we hope never appear again. Oh, and we're never going out of fashion!

Food that's presented...uniquely

Fancy restaurants will bring out your £100 meal on a bit of coal. Or if you're lucky, you'll be introduced to it being sat on a rock or shovel. What happened to an ordinary plate and why would I want a bit of sand in my meal. Just no. 

Sous Vide 

If you didn't know already, sous vide (sue-veed) is French for under vacuum. It's a cooking technique that ensures that precise temperature control is delivered to food and achieves restaurant quality results. High-end restaurants tend to use this method to cook food to the exact level of doneness required. Now, this is still pretty good if you're a pro chef, but as soon as the trend hit the web, sous vide was everywhere! Now 2018 has caught us, the only place we tend to see it is a coffee shop which serves their eggs like this. Thankfully, this has calmed down!


Every meal was brought to us not finished. For example, build your own burger. I came out for a burger, so I didn't have to make it myself at home. Please just do your job?! The worst one? Deconstructed spaghetti bolognese which had spaghetti, sauce and parmesan in separate jars. Who even comes up with these ideas?

'Main Meals'

I don't know if we all turned into ants 15 years ago, but main meals were mini. They were too small even to be a starter! And the price tag? Double, possibly triple. I don't know if we just had a blonde moment back then, but I definitely don't want just a lettuce leaf. Give me those real carbs! And just for the record, Gookie Dough red velvet for dessert, please. Lots! 


Bacon ice cream, cakes, milkshakes, pancakes. You name it, bacon appeared. Now, we love bacon, and we love desserts. But do these two really make a great combo? Sweet and salty has gone a bit too far this time, sorry. 

Weird Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are cool, we all deserve one every so often. However, I don't know who comes up with these combinations. Do you want KFC and buttercream in one? No problem, fried chicken cupcakes have got you covered. Craving noodles but also want a sweet hit. Guess what, ramen cupcakes have landed. However, some people made the sweet treats super fancy and presentable, and yes, we did appreciate them. Staring in the shop windows in awe. The novelty wore off eventually because they were everywhere we turned. 

Any other food trends you remember from years ago? I wonder if we'll say the same about freak-shakes and rose ice cream in a few years time!