Cooking Hacks That You Wish You Knew Sooner

We love a good hack. If it's gonna help us be extra lazy and save us more time in the kitchen, then we're down! We know the basics, and we are aware of the odd kitchen hack, but they aren't beneficial. Who really wants an olive hack when no one eats them anyway? Here are some cooking tips and tricks that will have you in awe and you will feel stupid for not knowing. 

Cracking an egg into mashed potato 

Cream and butter was what you were brought up with, right? Well, now it's time to let go because there's a better ingredient in town. Egg. Apparently, cracking an egg into your mashed potato when it's being mixed will create a super fluffy and creamy texture. Due to the heat of the mash, the egg will cook so no salmonella for you, don't worry. 

Cookie dough 

When making cookie dough and wanting to use a cookie cutter, it's best to roll the cookie dough between two sheets of cling film before chilling. Not only does this result in a smooth clean-up but it also means that you don't have to use extra flour. This works with Gookie Dough too! 

Substitutes for cream and eggs 

Vegan? Find it incredibly hard to get your hands on alternative products or get bored of the same old. We understand. To make that dessert vegan-friendly then use aquafaba as a substitute. This is chickpea water and makes a delicious chocolate mousse. 

Taking your dish to the next level 

What does this even mean? How am I supposed to do that? A top tip when it comes to your meal is to have some acidity, saltiness and sweetness all in one. This is pretty much the holy trinity of food. Ever cooked something and thought that it is missing something? Usually, the problem is solved by vinegar, lemon or lime. So the chefs weren't fancy after all, they just know their stuff! 


I can't be the only one who has a fear of cheesecake that needs to be baked? No bake seems to be my safety net as something always goes wrong once it's in the oven. By lining your cheesecake tin with foil, it helps distribute the heat evenly which means you'll never have to say the words "it hasn't cooked all the way through" ever again. 


Whether you love it or hate it, mayo has just become your best friend without you realising. Did you know that mayo can be the key to make your cakes super fluffy and moist? Sounds gross but it works! Another life-changing hack it brings to us is the fact that using it instead of butter when making toasted sandwiches results in a gorgeous golden crispy crust. Damn! We apologise for being mean to you, you jar of magical goodness! 

So, kitchen hacks that you can now use for the better and at no extra expense! Forget that 'amazing' cucumber curler, we just need a jar of mayo, eggs, cling film, tin foil and chickpeas. Student-friendly, eh?!