Vodka Made From Clouds?

If you're an adult and love your vodka and coke or the odd cocktail and you're quite the spirit connoisseur, then this one is for you. A 2018 trend has landed, and it's rather extravagant. Vodka made from clouds. Is this just a giant vape in a bottle or was that so last year?

So what actually is vodka? 

Vodka is pretty pure, it's ethanol and water, and the first ingredient tends to be fermented potatoes, but it can also be made up of grapes, wheat, rye, rice, barley and horseradish. So clouds seems almost impossible. A man called Fenten designed an air water generator which is a machine that turns water into some pure alkaline water instead of it being neutral, this is used to proof down the vodka. The result means that you have pure, crisp, clean vodka with a sweet aroma. 

With humidity in the air, the company can create proofing water which is like no other spirit company in the world. The water is less acidic which creates a smooth feeling and better drinkability. 

The science 

Water vapour is trapped in the atmosphere, and it can be a renewable source. By taking Mother Nature's natural source instead of taking water from a water supplier, it's a more 'healthy' and better-tasting drink. However, on the island of Hilton Head, this is a limited supply. This isn't the first time water vapour has been used in vodka but how magical and refreshing? 

The only downside of cloud-sourced vodka? Limited quantities. Their capacity is limited because the ability to generate water from the clouds is only doable when the humidity on the island is at its peak. The clouder Hilton Head, the more vodka. What a win-win situation. 

Get your glass and ice at the ready! Maybe we should get thinking about a specialised Gookie Dough alcoholic beverage which will be primarily for the adults. Dessert and drink all in one? I'll take it!