Upcycling Gookie Dough Pots, Desk Edition

You've seen the previous upcycling post for Gookie Dough tubs where we spoke about them in relation to beauty. So, moving on from that, today we're discussing how to turn these tubs of tastiness to something more practical. And voila, we made these adorable desk tidies which are ultimate goals. They're super easy and free to make with everything already in your home. Get your creative game on, let's do this!



Your Gookie Dough tub AND the label

Sticky tape 

Patterned paper (we used wallpaper) 


To kick-start, you're probably wondering about the paper. You can use wrapping paper, coloured paper, any of a design of your choice. We picked up wallpaper samples from homeware stores such as B&Q which are free and provide you with a variety of choice. 

Firstly, take your Gookie Dough pot and remove the label on the tub (DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY). Take your wallpaper and pop the label on top but the non-sticky side. You're going to use this as a stencil of measurement. Mark how big the label is with the pen on your wallpaper with little dots and then remove the label. Then cut the label shape out. 

Now you've got your perfect sized wallpaper piece, you need to bend it into a circle and measure up where you need to sellotape. Pop it into the tub to ensure you get the right size and then take it out and fix the paper with tape. Then pop the paper back in and you've got a beautifully decorated tub. 

The hard bit is over! Simply pop all of your pens, highlighters, stationery, paperclips and even snacks into the pot and place them on your desk. Super cute accessories which keep your desk as clean as possible. Perfect for the ideal workspace and a brilliant way to upcycle.