Foods You NEED To Eat During The World Cup

As we all know, football has well and truly landed and we welcomed the world cup with pride. In all honesty, we know that England will be sent home within the next few weeks (football isn't our strong point), but it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the food that comes along with the occasion. Here are a few famous dishes from around the world that you should savour. 

(Image credit: Party Delights Blog) 

Senegal with their Yassa Chicken 

A gorgeous slow-cooked chicken with caramelised onions with a gorgeous onion gravy. Maybe it's another name for a fancy casserole? Either way sounds pretty delicious to us!

Poland with their Pierogi 

Pierogi is another word for dumplings and can be filled with anything you fancy. Whether this is sweet or savoury. Their basically the sister of the famous pancake. Whether this be Nutella and strawberries or you want to go more Polish with the classic options which are potatoes, cheese and mushrooms. Or, combine with the English tradition and pop with a stew. 

Germany with their Pretzels 

(Image credit: Food and Wine Magazine) 

Say no more, do these even need explaining? Pretzels are all kinds of yummy. Add Gookie Dough to the mix and you've got a 'match' made in heaven. Pardon the pun. 

Serbia with their Sarma 

Sarma is cabbage rolls. Now, cabbage is a love or hate taste with a lot of people but maybe this dish will change your mind. You see, these cabbage rolls are extremely crispy and filled with beef and bacon, surely that's tempting? It's like a sausage roll but without the pastry?!

Sweden with their Hasselback Potatoes 

Hasselback potatoes are literally potatoes sliced but not all the way down so they're still a whole potato. Get my drift? They've been a major food trend recently and when loaded with cheese, bacon, onions or pulled meat, they're divine. 

Australia with their Aussie Burger 

(Image credit: Manuela) 

Ah, Aussie. Forever being extremely creative when it comes to naming. So, what's so special about this form of burger? Maybe it's due to the pickled beets and grilled pineapple along with a fried egg. Weird combination. However, the real question is, DOES PINEAPPLE BELONG ON A BURGER?! Let the debate begin. 

Peru with their Lomo Saltado 

This one looks delightful, especially if you're a stir-fry fan with all of the veggies! Peru, we thank you for this dish of mouthwatering beef along with onions and french fries. Definitely a new take on stir-fry, but one we're happy with! 

What dish will you be exploring during the World Cup? Try something new! *Help from Buzzfeed Food*