Upcycling Gookie Dough Tubs, Food Edition


We've seen in previous blog posts that Gookie Dough tubs aren't just for storing your dough and then throwing them away. We love to encourage you cookie monsters to reuse and upcycle your tubs. Not only are they great for storage, you can make them into really useful pieces of equipment. Whether this is beauty, fashion or lifestyle related. Today, we're looking at how you can recycle your pots in the kitchen.  

Sweetie Storage 

If you want to make your kitchen shelves colourful with pretty sweets and chocolates then our tubs look perfect on your shelves. Due to the plastic being see-through, you can really use this to your advantage. In our case, we used lollipops in the monster tub of Gookie Dough. However, when it comes to the smaller tubs, perhaps fill them with smarties and dolly mixtures for a vibrant splash of colour. A true focal point.

Pasta Pots 

First of all, let's just take a moment to appreciate this colourful pasta. Yes, at first I thought it was flower petals or some strange cereal but it's so gorgeous! Instead of having packets shoved in the cupboard that are half open and left to go stale, using the Gookie Dough tub is so useful. The airtight pot allows food to stay fresh and is compact. No more ripped packets or disastrous spills. 

Coffee Corner 

Starbucks and Costa vibes are certainly present right now. Create a coffee corner in your kitchen which is perfect when you're in need of your caffeine boost. The use of coffee beans is becoming more common so why not turn your kitchen into a cafe. Another top tip is to keep the lid off if you're having guests around as the smell of coffee will linger through the air and get those nostrils sniffing in delight. You can thank us later for your morning fix. 

Cookie Cup 

What better way to make use of a Gookie Dough tub than to put cookies and biscuits into it as storage? Yes, that's right, your very own cookie jar courtesy of us. A cheaper way to store your yummy's compared to a jar from the shops. Not only that, but you're also saving the environment and doing some good for the planet. 

Secure tubs that you can reuse with hardware plastic and a secure lid. The best part? You're saving money along with the world. Have any more ideas on how to upcycle your tubs in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!