Freaky Friday Sweet Tooth Cocktails

Hello, Friday. Oh, how we love you very much. Forget your three-course meal, aim for two and then for dessert just order a luxurious cocktail. Here are some of our favourite adult only cocktails which will make you go 'WOW'. 

#1 A Cream Top 

(Image credit: The Slow Roasted Italian) 

This milk bottle inspired perfection is from London's secret underground Blitz bar. Loaded with whisky, Irish cream and coffee liqueur, not only will you get a much-needed caffeine boost but you also get a cookie. The only way you could possibly make this even better is to add Gookie Dough pieces in the bottom. Look who's the winner now? 

#2 Banoffee Crème

(Image credit: Mantitlement) 

A banoffee pie that is drinkable. Does anything else need to be said?! Cashew nuts, double cream (the more calories the better), caramel syrup AND marshmallows. We want to shake hands with the person who came up with this one. Dessert is well and truly served. 

#3 Ebony 

(Image credit: Imbibe Magazine) 

Sounds a little boring but don't judge a book by its cover. This cocktail is served with carob ice cream which is then drowned by Marula liqueur. Not only does it look classy, sassy and a bit bad-assy but it's also screaming childhood memories. 

#4 The Chocolate Flip 

(Image credit: Hannah Banana) 

First of all, you know that you've entered adulthood if you no like pistachio ice cream. An alcoholic milkshake with a bit of fanciness. This ice cream is shaken with rum, chocolate, Chartreuse and port. I'm sure your inner 8-year-old is delighted.

Got you in the summery mood? We can't wait to drink these with a BBQ and the amazing weather on our skin. Get glowing!