What Festive Drink Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

The holiday drinks are here, and it's not long before they will disappear again. I know, it's sad. You've probably tried all of the new flavours by now a million times over. Peppermint Mocha, Billionaire's Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon goodness, the list is endless. So what festive delicious drink are you based on your star sign? 


Aries, you're adventurous when it comes to life and are curious about the unique tastes when it comes to your coffee. This is why you're a Chesnut Praline Chai Tea Latte. This little gem has a range of seasonal spices such as ginger, cloves and cinnamon. This spicy yet sassy drink gives you an extra pick up on these dull mornings and brings out that real cheerfulness and energetic side in your personality. 


Cancer, you enjoy playing it safe when it comes to your drinks which is why you're a White Chocolate Mocha kind of person. The white chocolate gives you a much-needed sugar fix, and you are certainly dedicated to having a million of these before they're shipped off of the menu. You're super excited for Christmas, even if you don't show it, and secretly jam to your hidden festive playlist! 


Libra, you are one of a kind which is why you're a Caramel Brûlée Latte! You're compassionate and care about those close to you but are also truly artistic and creative. Dark caramel sauce and crunchy sugar hits the spot for you. You're definitely more than what meets the eye, very much like this treat! Your strong social skills mean that you're the perfect person for a coffee date and entice people in, just like this tempting cup of goodness. 


Capricorn, you are a Honeycomb Latte. Intelligent, practical and reliable, we are always eager to hear your optimistic views and appreciate your generosity. You're as sweet as honeycomb syrup which is topped with whipped cream. 


My darling bull, Taurus, you're a Peppermint Mocha for sure. You're logical and know that mint, chocolate and coffee make the perfect match. You're the classic definition of a caring, reliable friend and despite your stubbornness, you will forever be loyal. Just like peppermint, you shall never go out of fashion! 


My loyal lion, you are a Salted Caramel Cappuccino. You aren't too fussy when it comes to drinks and a simple coffee would do just fine due to your charitable nature. You reflect on life and always appreciate your fortune and have an enthusiastic side in your personality which rubs off on other people and helps them feel at ease. 


Scorpio, you're certainly a Holiday Spice Flat White. You have a sting on your tail and are a feisty one. The mixture of spices in this coffee brings out your mysteriousness along with your strong ability of independence and rationality. You love being on social media and being part of the recent trends, this richly spiced beverage awakens your senses and allows you to bring energy to a room. 


My water friend, indeed you are a Black Forrest Hot Chocolate. The dash of cherry syrup makes you unique and a bit of a risk taker if needs be! You're smart and practical as well as sociable. I mean, who doesn't love cherry?


My dear Gemini, you're indeed an Eggnog Latte. What you see is what you get, and even though you're not everyone's taste, you're quirky and always up for a good time. You've got a warm, caring heart and keep those you love close to you with your unique charm. 


Toffee Nut Latte? That's you! Virgo, you're a bit of a perfectionist at times and like your coffee just right. 50% toffee, 50% nutty and a whole lotta coffee. This coffee of delightfulness is perfect for helping you tackle through the rest of the day, just as helpful as you are!  


Sagittarius, you're a Billionaire's Hot Chocolate. Coffee may not be your forte, but you're materialistic that's for sure. The real business side of you comes out, and you love to be rich which is why you're a match made in heaven for our dear sickly-sweet hot chocolate. You enjoy the more beautiful things in life and are very brave when it comes to decision making. The easiest decision? Picking this item off of the menu!


Last but not least, Pisces, you are the famous Gingerbread Latte! Your friendly kind face and nature makes you best pals with our beloved biscuit man. The ginger can warm the coldest of people on a winter day, and that's your aim in life. You are always sincere and compassionate and love to be there for people. 

Are you in the festive spirit yet? Get down to your local coffee shop and feel the warmth! Maybe get in the Christmas swing with our red velvet Gookie Dough!