What Your Favourite Dessert Says About You

Cake, chocolate, cheesecake, candy floss, Christmas pudding, everything dessert is a yes. However, no matter what the sweet treat may be, we all have a favourite whether we want to admit it or not. Maybe a slice of cheesecake is more your style? Well, not to everyone! A little like your love life. So the real question is, what does your go-to dessert say about you and your dating style.

Ice Cream 

Just like the dessert, you're fun, playful and just there for a laugh who is everyone's favourite. You aren't made for commitment or anything too serious because that's boring, right? For example, why settle down for fudge brownie if you can have peanut butter cup too? You keep your options open and are a bit of a free spirit which is why we all love you. 

Chocolate Covered Fruits 

Romance is chocolate covered strawberries, and that is a fact. It's obvious that you're a hopeless romantic. Even though you may be overly soppy with your cuddles in bed, it proves that you're loyal, kind and super caring. You just want to find the perfect partner and settle down. Your grandparent's fairytale marriage is your goal in life. Adorable! 

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Real classy but sassy, just like you. This traditional treat will never go out of fashion. Why over complicate things when you can enjoy the simplicities of life. Drama isn't your forte, and you're friends with everyone, however, when it comes to something you are passionate about, you're certainly a tough cookie! Chase that man, girly. 


Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Commitment? NO! Why would you want to settle down and be suffocated? You don't have a type, and you don't want to be assigned to a particular person. The more experience, the better and you're a people's person. 

Crème Brûlée 

You're hard work, my darling. Possibly playing hard to get but worth it in the end. Like the sugar that tops a crème brûlé, it takes a lot to keep you happy, and I guess you could say you're a bit of a diva but who could blame you? You're super classy and love the more delicate things in life, so sit back and enjoy being spoilt. 


Classic and chill, always there for people and the perfect person to comfort, a bit like our old friend, Mr Cheesecake. You're low maintenance and would be happy chilling at home with a takeaway. Easy peasy.

Lava Cake 

Soft on the outside but a lot stronger than you think. If it comes to it, you can be feisty and explosive at times. You're looking for someone who can handle your fiery personality and be adventurous with you which means there can never be a dull moment. Who doesn't love a hidden wild side? As challenging as you may seem, you show real love once someone finds your concealed mushy centre. 


You like relationships that are filled to the brim with walks on the beach, late night conversations and gazing into each others' eyes. It may all seem a bit gooey to others, but you show genuine respect and passion for your partner and never fail to please. 

What do you think Gookie Dough says about you?