What To Eat To Cool Down Body Temperature

It's hot, hot, hot in the UK and we understand that the heat isn't for everyone. Despite treating yourself to tubs of Gookie Dough, there are some ways you can cool down with the use of food (which doesn't include putting a cold Gookie Dough tub onto your skin). Some yummies may be pretty obvious whereas others may come as a surprise. Let's go. 

(Image credit: Lady Land) 

Coconut Water 

Coconut water seems to be a massive hit in the States along with Aussies always staying Instagram snaps with their golden glowing tan and carton of water. Coconut is a gem at reducing body heat and can also fight summer health problems such as dehydration. 


Sesame is an essential ingredient when it comes to Indian culture and is used in a lot of curries. It adds strong flavour and can also cool down the body. Something so small can have such a big impact, give it a try and let us know your thoughts.


Radishes contain high water content and are rich in vitamin C. Having some of these bad boys can reduce the risk of inflammatory problems which in relation, links to body temperature. Next time you're making a salad while crying over the unbearable heat, add a radish. 

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Sugar Water 

Stating the obvious slightly. However, sugar water can have a positive impact on the body temperature. Just add a tablespoon of sugar to a glass of water a drink as quickly as possible. Calorie consumption a worry? Add sweeteners to the mix for that boost of energy. 

Honey and Milk 

A perfect combination, in this case, is to have a combination of honey and cold milk. Add a tablespoon of honey in cold milk and have it on a daily basis for fast results. Especially during this heatwave.


If you're prone to heat rash, I can relate and it's so annoying! Body heat which radiates excessively can lead to rashes and skin soreness. Reaches are known for containing vitamin A, B2 and potassium which are amazing at maintaining healthy skin. Dried peaches can also regulate body temperature so sip on that peach juice. Peachy. 

Stay cool this summer and allow that body temperature to take a chill pill. Got any other top tips that help you cool down in the heat? Let us know in the comments below!