Instagram Favourites Of The Summer

We love connecting with all you cookie monsters through social media and looking at your creations gives us some real inspiration! Scrolling through the #gookiedough uploads on Instagram, we've found some mouthwateringly spectacular images that we have to share!

Lucky Charms 

Why haven't we thought about this sooner!? Now you can have Gookie Dough for breakfast without feeling so guilty. It's only like having sweet treat cereal such as cookie crisp, right? Take the marshmallows out of your lucky charms box and mix them with any flavour of Gookie Dough you desire. The end result? Absolute sugar rush heaven. Image credit to @2StarvingSistas on Instagram. 

Cookie Stacker 


Not sure what flavour to eat? Have all four! When in doubt, stack it up to the highest possible limit. If you're lucky enough to worry about what to stack in between your dough then just bake our Gookie Dough at 170 degrees to create a gooey warm cookie that melts in your mouth. That caramel sauce is giving us cravings! Image credit to @Licky Plate on Instagram. 

Scoopin' It Up 

What better way to enjoy the blazing sun than to pop your Gookie Dough in the freezer for a few hours and then scooping it with an ice cream scoop to make the perfect frozen treat. Top with cookie crumbs, nuts, cream and chocolate sauce for the 'gram. Image credit to @cinnaholic on Instagram. 

Ice, Ice Baby


You melt my heart. Cooking our original Gookie Dough flavour and making two gigantic cookies, then sandwiching vanilla ice cream in the middle and adding triple chocolate fudge Gookie Dough. Get your mouth around that. Better be quick though, before the sun becomes your enemy and you've got a puddle instead! Image credit @ollie_eats via Instagram. 

Pop Tart 


Yes, it really is as giant as you think it is! This bliss is a massive pop tart which is filled with cookie dough, topped with cream and then chocolate chips. Could a Thursday get any better? Maybe this can be your next football match treat? Your taste buds would definitely thank you. Let's just pretend calories don't exist for now. Image credit to @theflexibledietinglifestyle via Instagram. 

Thank you to everyone who has been uploading pictures of their Gookie creations. Make sure you tag us in any pictures you upload by using @gookiedough and using the hashtag #gookiedough. Happy munching!