Best of Instagram - October Edition

Here at Gookie Dough, we love to see what you guys have been up to in regards to our product and some of the creations you make are truly gorgeous. This is why you should always upload your images on Instagram and tag us @GookieDough. Here are our favourite uploads from this month!

Gookie Dough Pie 

(Image credit: @ninafriend via Instagram) 

A vanilla birthday cake which features Lotus Biscoff cookie crust and white chocolate funfetti Gookie Dough ganache! This is dessert goals, and we're drooling at the layering. If only we could lick the screen and have a sneaky taste.  

Cookie Cups 

(Image credit: @nickichanlam via Instagram) 

You've seen peanut butter cups but they're so last year. It's about time we introduce you to the new kids on the block. That's right, Gookie Dough Cups. To the left, gooey original Gookie Dough with an Oreo centre and dipped in dark chocolate. To the right, our funfetti cake batter which is dripping in white chocolate to add extra creaminess. 

Dat Slice Doh' 

(Image credit: @foodbythegram via Instagram) 

Who needs actual birthday cake when you can have a cookie slice which is ten times bigger. Birthday cake batter topped with chocolate chip Gookie Dough and buttercream frosting. This is what our dreams are made of. Doesn't that buttercream just make your taste buds scream in delight?!

The Cats That Got The Cream 

(Image credit: @mariemarshall84 via Instagram) 

"Well, the kids like it before I’ve even tried it 😻😻🙌🏻 @gookiedough can’t wait to eat this today!!! Will post pics later! And for my slimming worlders, it’s 15 syns for half a tin which is amazing!!" We've always said that Gookie Dough is perfect as part of a balanced diet, even for you dieters! Your little kitties have good taste, they're adorable! 

Keep creating you Gookie Monsters! Remember to tag us @GookieDough for your chance to be featured on Insta or even right here on the blog. We love you guys and keep up the amazing yummies!