Struggles of Fast Eaters

Everyone has that one person they know who eats way too fast that it seems inhumane. One moment they'll have a roast dinner in front of them, and the next time you look, they've demolished the meal while you've only eaten one carrot. It's insane. Here are struggles you'll only understand if you are a fast eater. 

(Image credit: Daily Mail) 


When you finish your meal before everyone else, so you're just sat at the table with an empty plate, trying not to watch everyone else eat like snails. The frustration is real and awkward.


When you decide to eat with a group of people, and you get a sharing platter. You need to ensure you don't inhale everything before others have a chance to try. Splitting nachos or slices of garlic bread seems impossible, especially when people talk for half an hour between bites.


Burning your mouth is a daily occurrence because you immediately eat food as soon as it comes out of the oven, not giving a care in the world. Then when the food is scalding hot, you play a game of 'do I spit it out, do I cry or do I play hot potato'. 


Following on smoothly from the burning scenario. When you do burn your tongue from the scalding food, you then make your tastebuds die, and you basically can't taste for the next few days. The struggle is real. 


When eating around someone you don't know well, you have to make an effort to pace yourself, so you don't let them see what kind of monster you look like when you eat and that you're capable of eating anything and everything! 


When cooking for yourself, you hate preparing and waiting for it to cook. You may take an hour to make the meal but to eat, it takes 3. This is why we buy Gookie Dough in monster tubs, so it takes us slightly longer! 


When you're asking yourself whether you're still hungry or if your body hasn't yet processed the food you've quite literally downed. 

So, there it is. Fast eaters need a medal for the challenges they face in life. Share this with a friend that is like sonic when it comes to food and let us know your struggles in the comments below!