Packaging That Makes Us Sad

As a kid, packaging was either super fresh and exciting or as you get to adulthood, it's depressingly misleading. Either that, or we're just terrible at maths. Here are times where people thought they'd won at life, but the product said differently. 

Poor Panda 

(Image credit: Reddit) 

We can't be the only ones who think that the lolly really looks like it actually is a panda?! Instead of this cute little ball of perfection being digested, we have to put it in the bin. What kind of world do we live in?

Pizza Scam 

(Image credit: Reddit)

This is so so bad that it's almost good. We hate the misleading window in packaging! Either the yeast in the dough suddenly decided to expand rapidly, or the guy who topped this was just about to quit his job. If you're not a crust eater, then this is disastrous. 

That's A Wrap!

Ooft, it's lunch break and you've been fancy enough to go to Waitrose and spend over £6 for a meal deal. High-quality food is key for you and for that price you want the good stuff. Our heart breaks for this individual who got scammed with what seems to be a quarter of their wrap missing due to clever packaging. Will the fraud ever end? 

Who Ate All The Chocolate?!

(Image credit: Daily Mail) 

Everyone loves digging into a good box of chocolates. So much variety, little guilt (until the whole box is gone). Well, this box of chocolates will make you feel okay about eating the entire lot in one sitting. With 14 chocolates and more plastic than actual cocoa, this can certainly put a downer on your birthday.  

And this is why you always buy Gookie Dough because not only is our packaging covered in sprinkle rainbow goodness but we also never let you down!