Cookie Dough Explosion

Some breaking news from our friends in America which involves cookie dough and a collision. This could be your worst nightmare! But don't worry Gookie Lovers because fortunately, it wasn't our brand! In fact, the brand is unknown. Chocolate chips tragically fell to their death while the dough mixture sprawled out onto the road and seeped into the tarmac. My heart truly breaks. 

The Incident 

(Image credit: Pender EMS & Fire Inc) 

On Tuesday in North Carolina, 20 carts of cookie dough fell off a truck onto Highway 19. Drivers were told to expect delays due to the spill and I'm sure there was a shortage of cookies for a few days too! Onlookers were shocked to see that the cookie dough wasn't in correct packaging and instead was just dumped in rolling carts. However, it's said to have been cookie dough waste (IS THAT EVEN A THING!?). 

No one has been harmed during the incident apart from our tummies who are craving that deliciousness. But hey, at least the road got fed, right? In the photo poster, we can see a man attempting to clean up the scene with a shovel, but the accident did build up quite a lot of traffic around lunchtime. To be honest, mate, I think you're going to be shovelling for a while! That'll teach them to shut their truck doors securely. 

Temperatures on the day were about 26 degrees so it's unlikely that the dough would have been baked on the road, however, that would have made it easier to clear up! 

It's like your childhood food fantasies coming true. And this is why at Gookie Dough, we have cute tubs to protect your goodies!