Why Cake Is Good For You

Cupcakes, rich, creamy, red velvet, carrot cake, coffee and walnut. The list is endless. We've dedicated today's blog post to our Funfetti Cake Batter Gookie Dough and we're about to make your day better because there's no need to feel guilty over a slice of luxury anymore. Yes, the cake does have benefits so grab your fork! 

(Image credit: sprinklebakes.com) 

Stops that sadness 

Now, our slice of nice can actually turn that frown upside down. Scientists in Belguim gave some people a saline drip and others a fatty one and then tested their reaction to negative images. Those receiving the fatty drip were much less affected. So, the proof is in the pudding, cake, chocolate and all things delicious are comfort food (obviously not always for the better).

Cake contains goodness

Sounds strange when we're told not to eat all the things that are deemed bad for us but there are some plus sides Chocolate cake contains antioxidants, walnut cake contains omega 3 oil. Even Battenburg which is riddled with artificial colours contains almond so there may even be a positive there. Every grey cloud has a silver lining, right? 

(Image credit: Evening Standard)

Cake can help the weight (kinda)

A study showed that eating a dessert as part of a balanced 600 calorie breakfast actually helped individuals lose weight. In fact, they had a lower chance of putting on weight than those who were not eating cake for brekky. The science? Metabolism earlier on in the day is more active than later on. Forget the afternoon tea plans! 

Improving Digestion 

Cakes contain fruits such as berries, banana and apples and are a good source of fibre. Fibre-rich foods help our body digest better. Some carrots and cupcakes are made with carrots and beets such means that they minimise the risk of heart disease. It's not all doom and gloom. 

Have a wonderful day, cake-lovers! *Post inspiration from medium.com)